Visual Impact Productions works
with a multitude of industries
across all spectrums.

We understand the nuances of working with all industries to incorporate creative video production, live event production services and video filming.
Our creative staff has the knowledge to make your project unique and different from others. We listen to your needs and collaborate with your team to help you communicate the most effective message for your project.


Associations / Non-Profits

We have over 25 years of experience working with associations and non-profits. We understand how they function and their overall mission. Most importantly, we understand that often times budgets drive how associations function and make decisions. VIP has products and creative services that will meet your needs; whether a small one time project or larger long term campaign.

Visual Impact Productions listens to your needs and offers creative solutions that work well for associations.


From medical related associations to private medical practices, VIP has the experience to understand your needs and vision. Whether you have a conference that requires filming of important speeches and proceedings, small breakout meetings or seminars, or multiple camera video shoots, our knowledgeable production staff offers a full spectrum of creative services to handle your message.

Do you have an event that you wanted to promote ahead of time? Perhaps you have a seminar series that you are looking to market to your patients? Do you have a need to educate your members and their clients?


We work with many small to mid-size corporations helping them with their meetings, events and video messaging. Whether you are holding a sales meeting, training conference, annual conference or other special gathering, VIP is able to handle all logistics, multiple camera video shoots, and creative media needs with confidence. If you are looking for a way to brand your company, we can capture client testimonials, record important business meetings or create a marketing piece for your campaign.

Small Business

Small business owners look for a competitive edge to help sell their products and services. Our writers and production staff are well versed at creating unique video solutions that help sell your company. It might be a short sales tool that would be used on a sales call, or a testimonial video.

Perhaps you rely on social media to sell your services? We’ve produced a variety of videos that fit well with small business owners. We focus on what works so that you focus on what’s important to grow your business.